First Director of the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX), established 1989 as follow-up of GNTES.       

Director of a program of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) with the Government of Cuba, addressing the problem of adolescent pregnancy. Consultant for UNFPA and the World Health Organisation of the United Nations (WHO).


Professor for Sexology and Medical Psychology at the Medical Sciences School at the University of Havana, upon habilitation / state exam to acquire the status of Professor.


Elected as a member of the National Committee of the FMC at the IV Congress in 1985 and re-elected at the V Congress in 1990. Women from all areas of society and in important decision-making positions are represented on the National Committee. The National Committee is the body responsible for adopting and implementing the strategy of the FMC.


Professor at the FMC's Management School and supporting teacher for sexology training of professionals of the Ministry of Education. 


PhD in Philosophy, Universität Rostock, Germany. Doctoral thesis "Preparation of the young women of the Republic of Cuba for love, marriage and family", obtaining the scientific degree with summa cum laude.


Under the umbrella of FMC and its President Vilma Espín: Founder and Coordinator of the National Working Group on Sexual Education (GNTES), attached to the Permanent Commission for Childhood, Youth and Women's Equality of the National Assembly (Cuban Parliament).


Official, National Board of the FMC. Specialization in international policy related to family planning and women's reproductive health.


Master's Degree: Spanish Language and Literature, University of Havana


Different jobs (interpreter, diplomatic service), birth to her two sons (1963 and 1966), studies.



• Member, Scientific Council of the WAS (World Association for Sexology).

• Honorary Member, the Polish Academy of Sexology Sciences.